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You are a trusted steward of sensitive information, and are tasked with the reliable, secure delivery of web applications.

Hermetric is here to help.

Our Services

Expose Dangerous Traffic

Audit logs and reports can help you gain insights about dangerous activity and targeted servers.

Block Hackers

Real-Time protection that can help you prevent hackers from reaching your servers.

Discover Vulnerabilities

Our monthly vulnerability assessment reports can help you take proactive steps to protect sensitive information.

Deliver Services Reliably

Our secure application delivery platform can help you plan for hardware malfunctions and defend against denial of service attacks.

Security Features

Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)

SQL Injection

Denial of Service (DOS)

HTTP Protocol Manipulation

Advanced Persistent Threats

Server Takeover Attacks

GET/POST Params Inspection

Headers Inspection

Cookies Inspection

Anti-Virus / Malware


Positive & Negative policies

Searchable Security Log

Security Policy Overview

One-Click Policy Updates

Tailored Policies per Host

Real-Time Protection

Data Exposure Reports

Security Policy Automation

Automatic WAF Rules Updates

Automatic Appliance Upgrades

Securing your data center has never been this effortless.


Hermetric's solutions are service oriented, designed to grow with your business. We make deployment of a web application firewall in your data center a quick & painless procedure.


While you have full control over your security policies, we help you create and maintain them. Creating a robust policy with minimal false positives should not be an endless endeavour, and with our help, it won't be.


We leverage data center and cloud technologies to defend your web servers from new and sophisticated attacks. Our firewalls operate as reverse proxies right in the data center, blocking attackers in real-time. Cloud integration enables seamless updates & upgrades, monitoring, and security policy reviews by our team.

“We are very pleased with Hermetric’s commitment to our security.”

- Kenneth Pflueger, CIO at Pomona College

How It Works

Download Our VA

Set up our VA in your VMWare infrastructure with appropriate hardware allocations.
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Set Us Up In Your Network

We operate as a reverse-proxy; this way you can control which sites you want us to protect.
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High Availability

Our integrated support for load-balancing as well as failover means your content is reliably delivered.

We Monitor and Analyze

You can sit back and relax while we monitor the traffic and create a security policy that is tailored to each of your web sites.

Get Monthly Reports

Our monthly reports detail vulnerabilities, including SSN and CCN leakage, helping you become less vulnerable to attacks.
Download a Sample Report

Target Hackers

We stop hackers in their tracks and don't let them reach your web servers. Our positive security model ensures zero-day and site-specific attacks are blocked as well.

Let Good Traffic Through

We understand that false-positives can be a real pain. Our tailored policies ensure that valid traffic goes though as intended.

Be Up-To-Date

An important aspect of security is having the latest updates and patches. We make sure that your VA is updated with our latest security technologies.


See attacks as they occur.

Review detailed security policies for each host.

Determine the security mode for each host.

Discover exposed data in monthly reports.

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The growing web security challenges facing higher ed, and how Hermetric can help.

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Learn about a how a college in Los Angeles is benefiting from Hermetric's services.


Get the details about our solutions for higher ed, and have an opportunity to ask questions.

Hermetric is here to help you exceed information security expectations.

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